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HyukChul imitating Siwon kkkkkkk 

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[Trans] @eunhyukee44: Sukira ended! Thank you-ng, ELF


[Trans] @kimheenim: The appearance of me and my best friend Lee Heokjae sleeping taken by Kim Ryeowookie. #IntimateNote #ShowChampion

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AllRiseSilver: music bank first broadcast!! MAMACITA!! Did you get the chocolat bonbon cookies? I heard there’s not enough…… well that can’t be helped #elfshareevenabeangram #bestfriendsgram#heenimyourfaceissmallsowhydidyougobehindmegram (c)


20140815 SMTOWN in Seoul

LeeTeuk 1 EunTeuk 1,2,3,4,5 8Hyuk3 1,2,3

Welcome back LeeTeuk~^^

EunHae’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
@leedonghae: I pick leader Teuk-ee hyung, Shindong-ee hyung, Heechul-ee hyung next; and Seungil-ee hyung, fighting ^^ Let’s do it ELF !!

@eunhyukee44: Ice Bucket Challenge !! Leeteuk, Heechul, Shindong let’s do it !!

Heechul’s comment on Donghae’s instavid: Hey there,I didn`t get hit with water even during refreshing game..can I just do the good deeds part?

Heechul’s comment on Eunhyuk’s instavid: What do you think about hyung not getting hit with water and just doing the good deeds,my best friend?

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